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Common Problem with Printer

Printer print head overheating
Printer increase in internal temperature
Printer error in LF encoder signal
Printer cartridge mechanism jam
Printer printing issue
Printer poor print quality
Printer driver corrupt
Problem in power connection of your Canon printer
Paper jam or out of paper
HP printer wireless connectivity issue
Some or all of the page printing is faded
Printer ghosting

Common Problem with Printer

Printer 50.4 error message
Printer 79 error
Printer scanning problems
Communication errors
Printer spooling errors
My printer won't print.
My printer claims it's running out of ink, but I still can print. Should I?
I can't print from my mobile device to my printer.
Wi-Fi printing takes too long.
Printing is too slow.
Ink and/or toner costs too much.
Printer connectivity problems
Troubleshooting hardware issues

Common Problem with Printer

HP printer installation mac
Printer connectivity problems
Printer Tells Me to Stop Printing Because Ink Is Low
Paper Jams or Multiple Sheets Are Drawn
Printer Is Too Slow When I Give Commands from My Mobile Device
The Printer Is Too Slow
A Print Image Is Being Superseded Over Another
The Print Quality Has Gone Down the Drain
It’s Costing Too Much
Printing takes too long

Printer Support

Support for Printers

Printer is a peripheral which makes an insistent human-readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. Whether for home or work, here's everything you need to know to choose the right type of printer and printers are primarily designed to support individual users, and may be connected to only a single computer. Printers are a great thing and an irreplaceable asset, until they start presenting a maddening range of problems for their users. Printers are an integral part of life nowadays, as there are many day-to- day tasks in which we need the hardcopies. But, it’s also common to see the printer issues such as driver issues, printing errors or print spooler errors, etc. They run through ink, output quality may be defective and sometimes they just refuse to print at all, which is incense. Luckily, these situations can be resolved. 90% printer problems can be cured by the user himself if he has the correct knowledge.

Printer Help & Support Desk

Worried about your Printer? We know you have problem with your printer or fax that's why you have reached Help & support desk here. Printer problem are easy to fix by restarting and following the instruction provided by printer itself. However sometime you may need a printer expert to fix the problem which is not get resolved by following all guided steps.

"Printer Help Assistance" team is ready to help you with your technical problem. Our team are experience and has more than 5 years of experience. Our team help you to fix the problem by giving you right guidance and solutions. In case of hardware problem our team will guide you to take the neccessory steps and there might be additional charges.

Wifi Printer Setup

You can configure Wifi supported printer with your home wifi to print any document from any device like, Android Device, iOS device, iMac, Laptop Desktop.

Wifi printer not working?

It happens with WiFi connected printer that it stop working after a week or so. There is nothing wrong. Just need to reconfigure it. Configure printer with manual IP to void printer disconnection.

Wifi Printer Setup

Wifi Printer Setup

USB Printer Setup (New & Existing Printer)

Connect your USB printer with Laptop, Desktop & Mac. Installation is easy for almost all device. You can follow the steps and install your device. You may require printer driver to install the printer.

Why my printer showing offline?

You may face error when using printer like, printer offline, no paper, unable to connect and so on. You can cross check before connecting with technical team. It may be fix by restarting your device.

Ethernet Printer Setup (New & Existing)

You can configure Ethernet cable supported printer with your network to print any document from any device like, Android Device, iOS device, iMac, Laptop Desktop through your network.

Network Printer Not working?

Most of the time network stop working when not in use more than week and configured as auto IP assign. Print a network test page and make sure Printer IP is same configured with your PC.

Wifi Printer Setup

Common Printer Problems

  • Printer showing offline.
  • Printer spooler error.
  • Printer Communication error.
  • Paper jam problem.
  • Ink cartridge problem.
  • Multipage fax sending problem.
  • Missing color or differet color print.

Recent Problem Overviews

  • Printer showing offline.
  • Printer spooler error.
  • Printer Communication error.
  • Paper jam problem.
  • Ink cartridge problem.
  • Multipage fax sending problem.
  • Missing color or differet color print.

Plan & Pricing

  • Basic Plan start $100 USD.
  • Service Renewal $150 USD.

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Q: What To Do When Printer Stop Printing?

If there are no error messages pointing you to the problem, to be sure check that the printer is still connected to the right network wireless network, via USB or Ethernet cable or the Wi-Fi is enabled. If it still doesn't work, check out the troubleshooting section in the printer's User Manual.

Q: How To Fix A Paper Jam In Printer??

When working with any printer it is inevitable that you will encounter a paper jam. In this situation avoid pulling stuck paper out from under the front cover if possible instead pull it from the back of the printer or paper tray as it may cause damage to the printer if pulled from front cover. The following is a general guide for removing paper that has become stuck in a number of locations -
» Remove any loose paper in the loading tray.
» Press the Resume button on the front of the printer.
» If the paper jam is cleared, move to ensure the printer carriage can move freely.
» If not, continue to the next step.
» Remove stuck paper one sheet at a time, starting in the middle.
» Check for any remaining bits of paper.

Q: Printer Installation And Configuration

A printer won’t work until you install the software on your computer system for the respective brand and model. A user can install the drivers and software through CD or the software can be directly downloaded from the internet, then you can run device easily.

Q: Much Noise In Printer

When the printer makes noise just notice some facts and check the printer that any small piece of paper caught on a roller, if it is ok than printer may have a loose gear or roller. Another fact if the noises started shortly after you installed a toner cartridge, turn off the printer and pull out toner cartridge. Check the printer where this toner went and make sure that both the roller i.e the charge roller and the transfer roller are still seated in the printer properly.

General Problems Related To Printer

  • Troubleshooting error messages in printer
  • Printer support for driver-installation
  • Paper Jams
  • TCP/IP printer installation
  • Print spooler errors

Q: Printer Showing Problems Of Low Ink?

User need not to rush to replace cartridges if get a low-ink warning. Mainly, all recent printers have some sort of ink tank level indicator, and will issue warnings when your ink is low. A better idea to know how long you to wait until you really need to replace that ink is by continuing to print beyond the warning and seeing how long it takes till the printer shut down.

Q: How To Solve Driver Related Issues?

If your printer does not have any flashing lights and is connected properly, it's possible you may be encountering a driver related issue. We suggest you to visit printer driver listing, where you can get all the drivers from all printer brand manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your printer.